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Depression and Anxiety

How Can Acupuncture Help with Depression and Anxiety?

For those who suffer from depression and anxiety, or want an alternative to antidepressant medications, acupuncture can help. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that the evidence of using acupuncture to treat depression and anxiety disorders is becoming stronger.


Acupuncture helps with depression and anxiety by getting rid of roadblocks that can block healing energy. The meridians in the body can be thought of as highways of energy. If there is congestion on the highway then the energy gets backed up. Each different meridian is home to an organ and each organ will have a certain association, such as emotions. For example, the emotion of the liver is anger. While acupuncture can't treat severe or moderate depression alone and you don’t necessarily want to get off medication, there is evidence that acupuncture can improve anxiety, depression, and stress and work in conjunction with other treatment. The experience itself can also be pleasant since patients can lie quietly on a table with low lighting.


If you are someone in Ashton-Sandy Spring, MD, who is interested in acupuncture for depression and anxiety, contact Mollenhoff Acupuncture. Mollenhoff Acupuncture is an acupuncture clinic and health coach that can help you find the right path to mental healing as well as physical healing.

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