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health coach

What Is a Health Coach?

The term health coach has been popping in a number of nutritional circles. A health coach is a wellness authority who will motivate individuals to make positive health choices. Health coaches support and educate clients to achieve health goals through behavior and lifestyle adjustments. Health coaches are educated in the fields of wellness, nutrition, and mentoring.


There are different kinds of health coach certifications out there. Health coaching just doesn’t focus on the food you eat but also your lifestyle. Whether it’s your goal to lose weight, get healthy, or have increased energy, a health coach will take the time to listen to your needs and help you discover why and where you are struggling. Everyone is unique and one diet may not work for everyone. A health coach isn’t here to promote one specific way of living but instead help you experiment with what works for you and show you how to change your lifestyle and diet to continue to make strides forward.

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