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Mental Emotional Health

Why Mental Emotional Health Is Important to Physical Health

Making a distinction between physical and mental emotional health can be misleading. Mental emotional health affects physical health and physical health similarly impacts your sense of wellbeing. There are some important correlations to consider.
Depression can be three times more common in a patient after a heart attack than in the general population. About 15% to 30% of heart attack victims qualify for a diagnosis of major depressive disorder. The millions of people who suffer from diabetes are also twice as likely as other groups to suffer from depression.
After a major health event, people can become anxious and fear that it could happen again. They can often feel depressed when their health conditions prevent them from enjoying certain activities they once did. Those with depression may find it harder to make lifestyle changes that are needed to manage their physical conditions. Depression added to physical health problems can increase the risk of complications and have poor health outcomes.

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