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See What People Are Saying about Mollenhoff Acupuncture

Emily Mikesell

"I was having a lot of joint pain as well as a general sort of malaise where I felt out of touch with my body. After an initial consult, I knew I was in very good hands. A brilliant acupuncturist and an excellent listener. Can’t recommend him highly enough!"

Christine Joins

"I went hoping that he could help me relieve some chronic back pain, but I would leave each session with much more than just pain management. He helped me through car accident stress and infertility anxieties which then led to prenatal anxieties. I went in to heal my back, but Clark also helped to heal my mind!"

Lauren Harris

"I had immediate results of pain relief for my back, decreased stress levels, overall happiness and higher energy levels. I'm back to rock climbing, skiing, and working out. I'd say in 6 weeks I've seen an overall 95% improvement which is great!
I highly recommend Mollenhoff Acupuncture!”
Acupuncture close up
"I can't say enough good things about my experience with Clark. Since starting acupuncture with him almost a year ago, I've felt fewer symptoms of stress, my back inflammation has subsided and my health has felt better overall. Clark is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about his craft and his calm demeanor helps create a very relaxing atmosphere while getting treatment. I would not go anywhere else for acupuncture treatment!"

Benjamin Gallagher

Nicole H.

"Clark is a rock star and I constantly recommend him to anyone going through a tough time - mentally or physically. He is a great listener and an awesome practitioner, and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without him. I highly recommend Clark."

Paula Griffith

"I went into Clark's office thinking I was going to get acupuncture to heal the crippling pain in my leg. But that was only the beginning of healing and finding inner strength. Clark works on the body and the mind. I continue to do acupuncture and I recommend it to anyone looking to maintain mind/body balance."

Brooke Teeter

"Clark is a gifted acupuncturist! He is a wonderful listener, educator and practitioner. My overall mental and physical well being has drastically improved after seeing Clark on a regular basis."

Vicky Felter

"Clark came very highly recommended and he has not disappointed. He teaches skills that carry over to your day-to-day activities. I always leave feeling calm and peaceful. I tend to suffer with anxiety and since I started seeing him 6 months ago, my blood pressure is lower and I no longer have moments of uncontrolled anxiety. I would highly recommend him to anyone and have."
"After experiencing elbow and persistent back pain, I was willing to try anything. I was skeptical going into my first appointment but was quickly put at ease after speaking with Clark. He asks insightful questions and spends time focusing on your individual needs. Three years later, I'm still going for regular sessions and walk out feeling mentally and physically refreshed."

Jack Lichter

I've been incredibly happy with the service I get here. Clark is so great to work with, he really individualizes the care to focus on your unique problems, and he includes mental health considerations in the session. Most importantly it really worked for my back pain in a way that nothing else has. Once the pain was under control as long as I continue coming a couple times a month, I feel amazing and totally free of the discomfort I've been dealing with years. 

Julieanne Haddix

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