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  • Writer's picture Clark R. Mollenhoff III M.Ac., L.Ac.

Faith in the Mystery

Faith is not just something one has. It is not a blind belief in a particular story. It is the commitment to the meaning of story that connects one with the mystery of life. Faith is a flame that must be built from the scraps of earth around us. But a flame can go out many times before it ever creates the warmth needed. It can be nurtured carefully and diligently for years only to go out in an instant. You can do that time and time again. You can finally think what's the point in starting another fire. All the small steps you'll have to take, all the attempts blown out by every jarring gust of wind. To know that even if you nurture that flame to a blaze, there's always something that can take the oxygen out of the air, that could leave you cold and alone. Even then the only thing to do, is get busy collecting wood and searching for a flame. Faith is what keeps us warm in the cold.


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